about the author

As someone who has always been drawn to question the world and not follow like a blind sheep, I love to see things differently, and why not?

The dark side, paranormal state, and the unknown exist for a reason. This is my first novel and is a combination of over 20 years of my songs, poems, thoughts in my head at 3 am, my crazy imagination, and questions…ALL finally all rolled into one story.

Music has always been mankind’s teacher and voice. I enjoy music with meaningful lyrics and soul, and a dash of screaming always helps. I’ve been in the hospitality sales industry for 22 years, as I live in South Africa, its wildlife and the bush is a treat. I also love sports and hobbies such as fishing and of course writing.

Stained Torment is the first book in a two part series. Remember, procrastination is a sickness with no cure. It will kill you and your dreams if you don’t step forward and at least try to achieve your goals.

Even demons are afraid of something, so go for it!

Keep in touch and I would love to hear your thoughts and view of Stained Torment…

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a horror author? Join me as I pick the brain of Bruce. N. Cuttman about his debut novel Stained Torment.

As horror fans, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and original stories, and South African horror author Bruce. N. Cuttman has certainly provided that for us with Stained Torment.

If you haven’t read this gory and graphic tale, allow me to give you a short (spoiler free!) synopsis: